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Safety & Security

What we do at Kangaroo Au Pair to protect our users

The vast majority of au pairs and host families using Kangaroo Au Pair are genuine and trustworthy. However a small minority may be scammers looking for ways to get money from au pairs or host families. For this reason Kangaroo Au Pair has put in place measures to help prevent this. Please ensure that you read our recommendations below and DO NOT SEND MONEY to anyone that you do not know.

Safety for our users is at the top of our agenda at all times and it is for this reason we try and ensure the trustworthiness of users by doing automatic and random checks on user profiles. We do this by:

  • Checking completeness and plausibility of profiles.
  • Checking all unusual user conduct.
  • Making users aware of methods of scamming as soon as we hear about them.
  • Contacting directly families/au pairs who have been exchanging messages with potential scammers.
  • Removing dubious users/scammers.


What you can do to protect yourself against scammers



Do not send your money to au pairs under any circumstances. The following are some of the more common methods used by scammers to get money from families:

Au pairs phoning from their departing airport looking for money

Do not send them money even if you need the au pair to start working for you immediately. This is a ploy to get money from you and the au pair will not come to work for you anyway.

Au pairs asking host families to pay for their travel expenses

Never pay travel expenses for your au pair in advance. Travel expenses are au pairs’ responsibility. Some families agree to pay for their au pair’s travel expenses, but if this is your case, pay them when the au pair arrives in your country. Sometimes an au pair may claim to be European or American but say they are currently au pairing in Cameroon or Nigeria. This is highly unlikely and is not to be believed. If you are unsure of whether an au pair is genuine or not please contact us and we can give you our advice.

Au pairs who seem too good to be true

If your prospective au pair has several childcare qualifications, offers to work many hours or do a lot of housework, you should steer clear from this person. This candidate is probably not genuine at all!

Dubious level of English of your candidate

If English native speaker candidates have a very low level of English or if NON-English native speakers have a perfect level of English, it’s very likely that they’re not genuine. If that’s the case and you’re in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Au pairs who seem to have different profiles online

If you notice candidates with different names, but same pictures or same contact details, you should be suspicious. These scammers usually write the same text message and give their personal contact details when they shouldn’t.

Au Pairs who refuse to talk on skype video

Au pairs who will not do a skype video call should ring alarm bells. This is often a sign that the au pair is not genuine. Au pairs rarely cannot get access to skype videos or an au pair may not want to do a skype call with your family as she/he may not be the person that she/he is in his photograph.


Au Pairs

NEVER SEND MONEY TO FAMILIES!! This the most important message when it comes to dealing safely with families. Under no circumstances should any family ask you to send them money. If they do so, please let us know and we can remove them from the website immediately.

The following are some of our recommended methods to protect you from scammers:

Families offering you a job without asking you much or asking you too many questions.

Never give any personal information such as passport numbers or mother’s maiden name. Families don’t need such information and if they ask for them, they’re probably scammers.

Families who seem too good to be true

Beware of families that offer pocket money way in excess of the norm. They’re inevitably scammers and you can be sure that they will try to get money from you. Find out how much the normal au pair pocket money rate is in your host country and expect to earn this rate of pocket money.

Families who offer extra money in addition to pocket money

Always check how much is the average pocket money given in the country you’re going to and beware of families who offer you lots of extra money. Genuine families will only pay more for extra hours. There can be exceptions, of course, so please always double-check that you can see the family’s profile on website. If they are not on the website then they either do not exist or have been suspended from the site.

For extra safety:

  • Make sure to talk to a family on Skype or by phone a few times before accepting an au pair position with them.
  • Be wary of travel agencies looking for money from you. Do not under any circumstances transfer money via Western Union or MoneyGram to so called 'travel agencies'.
  • Be cautious of contact via Facebook or other social networks.

We recommend you check this page regularly for updates. If anyone contacts you looking for money or you have concerns about any user on the website please contact us immediately at