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When to make an offer

What documentation do I need to get from my au pair?

The only legal document that an EU/EEA citizen must present on arrival in another member state is a doctor’s letter confirming that they are in good health and this must be dated within 3 months preceding their start date as an ‘au pair’.

Do I need a contract with my au pair?  

Here at kangaroo au pair we always recommend that a host family and an au pair sign an au pair contract. Some families feel that a list of duties is sufficient and are more comfortable with this arrangement as they may find a contract to be too formal.

If you wish to use an au pair contract, you can find some contract templates here.

Please note that some non-EU citizens may be required to submit a copy of their au pair contract in order to get their visa, prior to the commencement of their au pair placement. We recommend you contact your local Embassy or Consulate regarding au pair visa requirements. Different countries have different requirements regarding au pair contracts. For more information, you can visit our Au pair programmes pages.

What should I do before I make an offer to an au pair?

Always ensure to Skype or FaceTime the au pair as many times as possible to iron out any potential problems when she arrives. As well as discussing au pair duties, make sure to tune into what the au pair’s personality and character are like. Remember you are going to live with this person so it is important to ensure that this is someone that you feel you are happy to have living in your home. Also make sure to ask relevant questions. For example, if you have cats or dogs, make sure that your au pair is comfortable around animals or if you need an au pair to drive make sure to confirm that the au pair has a full driver’s licence and that she is willing to drive when she comes to live with you.

If the au pair is already in your country, invite her around to your home to meet her. This way she can get to meet your children and get an idea of how your home works. The more you know about each other and what is expected from both parties, the better the whole au pair experience is likely to be.

Again au pair duties and responsibilities should be outlined and agreed from the very beginning to ensure that the au pair stay works out as well as possible. Ask the au pair for any relevant references in particular from any past childcare experience. Never accept a written reference and always talk to the referee over the phone.