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What to expect

Why should I become an au pair?

Many young people travel to a different country to experience the culture or to improve their language skills. Living and working as an au pair is a wonderful way to do this.

When you travel to a country as an au pair not only will you get to see a new country as you would as a tourist, you will also get to experience the culture, you will get to taste the food that your host family eats, you will see how people live and you will be completely immersed in the culture. Very few other experiences will ever allow you to get to know so much about a country and it’s people as an au pair stay will allow. As an au pair you will also have 2 free days every week and you can use these days to travel and explore the rest of your host country.

Attending language classes is a good way to get to know other au pairs and foreigners who also want a cultural experience while at the same time it is an opportunity to improve your language skills.


What can I expect from my host family?

One of the nicest things about being an au pair to a host family is that you will be treated as part of the family. That means you will eat with the family and get the opportunity to go on some family outings or trips.

You will be treated like a big sister/brother within the family while helping with childcare duties and some household jobs. You should be given five free evenings each week to allow you  have some time to yourself..

As an au pair you can expect:

  • Your own private bedroom
  • All meals provided, 7 days per week.
  • You will have at least 2 days off per week. Hours and holidays vary from country to country. Please see our au pair programmes.

Pocket money (the amount of pocket money varies by country. Check out our au pair programmes to find out how much pocket money is given in the country you’re interested in).